A Frequency Convertor is used to convert Voltage and Frequency from supplied Source to the desired AC power Frequency and Voltage. Deepankuram Synergies are Manaufacturers of Rotary Frequency Convertors 50Hz , 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 hz in India Bengaluru (Bangalore).
Ex: Input is 415 V 50 Hz output be 400 Hz.

A Rotary Frequency Convertor uses a Motor which is driven by AC source to drive an AC Generator/Alternator to Generate requisite Frequency and Voltage.

A typical example of RFC is 400 HZ motor Generator Sets.
400 Hz power is used in aircraft, Space Craft industries, Sub Marine, Server rooms of Computers for computer Power, Miltiary Equipment, Hand Held Machines.
Rotary Frequency Convertors converts Power from one Frequency to another. A motor is coupled with a Synchronous Generator with Soft Starter and a Safety Panel.
Coupling can be direct or with belt and Some times Gear Box. A rotary frequency Convertor can also produce variable voltages at same time.

Rotary Frequency Convertors are designed to convert utility power to desired frequencies like 50 Hz to 100 Hz, 50/60/100/200/400 Hz and also provide rated KVA at output. How Does Rotary Frequency Convertor work:

Rotary Frequency is available with Induction Motor or Synchronous motor based on requirement, Since Induction motors have slip the output may be varied by .5 hz to 1.0 hz of output But for attaining exact frequency with zero tolerance we have to use Synchronous Motor. Best performance can be expected withought brush and Sliprings.

A Rotary frequency convertor is also called Motor generator set ie MG set with varying features like Single Shaft where in Motor and Generator are forged one single Shaft. Where as COMMON SHAFT Motor and Generator are directly coupled Shaft to Shaft which has lesser maintenance. Other couplings are Belt drive coupled and Gear Drive Coupled.

MG sets are used in various applications where in fixed frequency, Voltage Precision is required under variable power mains its useful for Sensitive Machines, Transformer Testing, Defence Equipments, Labs and Aircraft, Navy machinery which require 400 Hz.

Some Popular Rotary Frequency Convertors in Market are DVDF Dual Voltage Dual Frequency Sets 50 Hz to 400 Hz, 50 hz to 60/100/200/400 Hz

Some Applications require precise Frequency with zero tolerance in that case we should be using Synchronous motor, if tolerance is not an issue and costing reduction is involved then we should be using induction motor,

Deepankuram Synergies are specialised in manufacturing 50/60/100/200/400 Hz sets. Typical Applications are

Aero Craft Labs Navy Enquipments Winding testers Aircraft Machinery Powering Aircrafts hangar Lightings

Advantages of Rotary Frequency Convertors Since Mechanical coupling is involved Isolation for Output can be acheived. AC Power generated can be pure Sinusoidal ie Sine Wave. Can be used in rough conditions and outdoor applications.

Usage: Air crafts in Hangars or service stations will have their power source switched off for maintainance, a RFC will power the necessary Equipements. Similary many ship yards in asia will have 50 hz power in Mains, some ships will have 60 hz in operation.During shutdown maintenance DG set will be off, to provide required power a RFC is used.