Deepankuram Synergies was started in 2006 with an vision to become a reckoning power solution provider, so was started initially catering small power solutions and grown to cater power solutions in higher capacities.
Since then Deepankuram has made a mark of its own in terms of quality and sales and presence in international market.
Deepankuram has power solution provided to Steam Turbine Manufacturers like Triveni in supplying 1250 KVA KEL Alternators for powering DC Drive, this alternator can take linear loads and thyistor based simultaneously. This Alternator was designed exclusively for high speed balancing machine where other manufacturers failed to design the same. This has been possible with innovative and dynamic qualities of KEL Team and Deepankuram combined.We thank KEL Design team led by Krishna kumar for his innovative ideas in designing alternator for DC Drive.

Deepankuram are been awarded with exclusive dealer ship for few Gulf and African countries by KEL for marketing KEL Alternators and Transformers. This recognition comes after continuos efforts in marking KEL with Top companies, Deepankuram has associates in Gulf through partners one being NTE International Dubai and Technology Ventures LLC in Qatar, we continuosly look for potential partners in Alternator field.
Deepankuram has recognition as highest offtake KEL alternators. KEL being pioneer in manufacturing Special class Alternators for Defense and Traction alternators for Railways.
KEL is a Govt of Kerala PSU Established in 1964 and is one of the biggest public sectors in kerala. KEL's Alternator technical know how is from Market leaders Moteurs Leroy Somer of France. Since joint venture has expired KEL is manufacturing alternators in its own. KEL is ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV,

Product Range in Alternators

  • General purpose Brushless A.C. generators - 15 kVA to 1500 kVA at 1500 rpm, 415 V
  • Frequency converters - 50 Hz to 400 Hz for marine applications
  • 500 kVA, 750 V, A.C. generator for powering Rajadhani & Shatabdi Express Trains of Indian Railways
  • IP 54 & IP 55 alternators for Petrochemical / Nuclear / Textile Industries
  • Ground Power Equipements for powering Civil Air Crafts, Boeings, and Military fighter planes.

    Other products include
    a) Inductor type Brushless Alternator for Train Lighting and Air conditioning.
    b) CPRI certified Oil Filled Transformers till 3000 KVA 33 KV Class,
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    In India Deepankuram are authorised for Simpson engines. We have over 150 satisfied customers and have supplied over 250 gensets varying from 15 kva to 3000 kva. Deepankuram is into marine application ranging from 15 kva to 500 kva. We have supplied Marine Gen sets for various Ship builders in Calcutta/Maldives and Sri Lanka for Pilot Boats used in major ports.
    Deepankuram are into Simpson Marine Applications, has manufactured/supplied Marine gensets to customers in Gujrath and Maldives.
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    Deepankuram manufactures electrical products like AMF panels,Sychronising AMF Panels,D.G. Synchronizing Panels, Power Control Centers, Feeder Pillar Boards,Double Bus Bar Panels,Capacitor Control Panels, Control And Relay Panels,Control Desks, Bus Ducts,Stainless Steel Enclosure Panels,Other Custom Built Panels, Neutral Grounding Resistor panels,Battery Charging Panels,High Tension Relay and Control Panels,DC Control Panels, Control Panel and Electrical meter Boards. We are Major Panel board manufacturer in Bangalore.

  • We provide complete DG sets. Simpson/JohnDeere Engine are coupled with KEL (Kerala Electrical limited) Brushless Alternator mounted on Base frame with Engine Panel Board. 12-Volt Electric start type with standard Accessories such as control panel (Consisting of Voltmeter, Ammeter, MCB, Indication Lamp, set of fuses etc.).
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    We provide Acoustic(Sound proof canopy) for the DG set, built in high quality Tata sheet and sound attenuating material, reduces noise emissions to a minimum. Acoustic is detachable type and can be moved from one place to other.
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       The Electrical products list include
      AMF Panel
      Power Distribution Boards.
      Synchronization Panel Board.
      Electrical Meter Board.
      Control Panel.

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    Deepankuram is a 24 hours service provider.
  • Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm
  • Sundays 10am to 2pm.
  • During out of office hours the calls are diverted to the on call.