Deepankuram Synergies: Hydro Turbines

Deepankuram Synergies has tied up with Global Hydro Labs for Hydro power solutions. The range is from 500 Watts to 300 KW. are an independent PRODUCT PORTFOLIO company that grew out of the turbo machine related development activity. An offshoot of the activity was the development of micro-hydel turbines in a programme supported by the Department of Science and Technology. Turbines built under the scheme have been operating in many places in the country including a 2x250kW installation in Nagaland supplied through Nagaland Science and technology Council.

Product Range
  • Pico / Micro Hydel Turbines.
  • Hydraulic Rams.
  • Micro Wind Mills.
  • Biomass Based Heating and Drying Solutions

  • Equipment Supply.
  • Project development.
  • Implementation such as feasibility assessment,
  • Detailed engineering, implementation, work
  • Supervision and training


    Hydroelectric System generates power by converting energy in water flowing down a gradient into electrical energy. To generate electricity, water from a natural stream flowing down a gradient is tapped at a convenient higher elevation,passed through a water conducting system and then let into a turbine installed at a lower level. The turbine drives an electrical generator producing electricity. The power can be obtained as electricity or as direct mechanical power to run, for example a saw mill or agricultural machinery etc.

    Small turbines are used to produce 1/2 to 2 kW for individual houses and 20 to 100kW or more for community use. The installations are silent, extremely environmental friendly and do not need any fuel as the energy in the flowing water itself is used to generate power.
    It is a non-polluting renewable energy source that will keep on producing power around the clock year after year with minimum maintenance. The capacity of generation depends upon two main parameters:

  • Head Available
    The vertical difference in elevation between the point of tapping of water and point of installation of turbine. Units in Meters.

  • Discharge
    The water flow rate through the turbine. Units in Liters per Second After flowing through the turbine, the water is lead back into the stream, hence part of the stream is diverted and led through the turbine. Pico hydro projects do not require big dams for storage, hence called as run-off the river project.

        Head 10 Mtrs Head 20 Mtrs Head 30 Mtrs Head 40 Mtrs Head 50 Mtrs Head 60 Mtrs
    Power Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge
    0.5 KW 10 ltrs/Sec 5 ltrs/Sec 3 ltrs/Sec 3 ltrs/Sec 2 ltrs/Sec 2 ltrs/Sec
    1 KW 20 ltrs/Sec 10 ltrs/Sec 3 ltrs/Sec 7 ltrs/Sec 5 ltrs/Sec 4 ltrs/Sec
    2 KW 41 ltrs/Sec 20 ltrs/Sec 14 ltrs/Sec 10 ltrs/Sec 8 ltrs/Sec 7 ltrs/Sec
    2.5 KW 51 ltrs/Sec 25 ltrs/Sec 17 ltrs/Sec 13 ltrs/Sec 10 ltrs/Sec 8 ltrs/Sec
    5 KW 102 ltrs/Sec 51 ltrs/Sec 34 ltrs/Sec 25 ltrs/Sec 20 ltrs/Sec 17 ltrs/Sec
    7.5 KW 153 ltrs/Sec 76 ltrs/Sec 51 ltrs/Sec 38 ltrs/Sec 31 ltrs/Sec 25 ltrs/Sec
  • Formulae for calculating power
    POWER = X 9.81 X Q X H / 1000


  • Turbine
    Turbine being offered is of impulse type. Different turbine type is offered viz., Crossflow and Pelton turbines. By Studying site parameters and required power output, We can offer suitable model that can suit to the site conditions. Turbines supplied are well engineered and manufactured and rugged in design
    1. Cross Flow
      Cross flow turbines are suitable for medium 'head'. It consists of series of equally spaced curved vanes welded to circular plates at the edges of the vanes. These turbines are cheaper and simple in design. Model being offered: 0.5 kW to 250 kW. Turbine efficiency is of the order 60-70%.

    2. Pelton
      Pelton turbine classified under impulse type and particularly suitable for high head with low discharge. It consists of equally spaced double Semi Ellipsoidal buckets bolted between a two circular hubs. These turbines are efficient at different part load. Model being offered: 0.5 kW to 10 kW. Turbine efficiency is of the order 60-70%.

    3. Generator

      Till power output of 10 kW standard motor is used as Generator for power generation . Depending upon output required, like single phase or 3-phase, BHEL EML make generator will be coupled which is well known to work in high altitudes. Voltage at the generation point will be standard 240 Volts for single phase output and 415 Volts for 3phase output.

    4. Load governor:

      Governing is very much essential in all PICO HYDRO schemes. By doing, system frequency will be kept constant irrespective of load variation. Load governor incorporated in the package is of electronic type and easily mountable on the generator or at a convenient place. From load governor, cable will be drawn for power usage at user location.

    1. Portable and rugged.
    2. Turbine impeller can be mounted vertically or horizontally (Option possible only in Pelton turbine).
    3. Turbine shaft can be directly coupled to generator or belt driven.
    4. Capable of running at runaway speed condition.
    5. Systems are easy to maintain & spare parts are inexpensive.
    6. Generator can also run at a runaway speed. Servicing of generator is cheaper and any local motor winder can carry out service job.
    7. Electronic load controller used in the package is much reliable and proven its working in the filed.
    8. Harmonic generated is within acceptable limit, hence enhancing life of the appliances.
    9. System operation is simple and any ordinary labour can operate the system.
    10. Electronic load controller also protects the total system from any accidental incidents.
    11. Electronic load controller also protects from voltage fluctuations.
    12. 24 Hours-uninterrupted power supply.
    13. Negligible operation and maintenance.
    14. Equipment package can also be integrated to Mechanical loads.
    The power generated can operate any electrical loads. The typical usage can be.
    1. Common home appliances such as incandescent lamps, tube lights, fans, TVs.
    2. Other home appliances like Heater, Fridge, Grinder, Mixer, Iron etc.
    3. Charging Battery, running UPS system.
    4. Apart from regular appliances the system can be customized to energize special applications.

    Appliances available in the market can be used to meet the domestic needs on a daily basis. In common tube lights, mixer, fans TV's etc. Power requirement or usage is minimum during day and late evening hours. In order to optimize the power plant's plant load factor, income generation activities or carrying heating operation in non lighting hours can be encouraged, this can be achieved by using low wattage appliances with load limiter connection. Low wattage appliances provide end user with higher efficiency without overloading the generation system. Load limited connection also helps in supplying better voltage to the end user and also encourage user in carrying load management at their level.