Deepankuram Services are business associates of TDPS in power solutions.Deepankuram has always commited to business Innovation,Service,Quality and has vision to partner with major OEM's of Turbine units.

TD Power Systems Pvt Ltd., (TDPS) is India’s leading manufacturer of AC Generators and provider of Thermal Power Plant solutions on turnkey basis from Engineering to Commissioning up to 40 MW. TDPS has a technical tie-up with Toyo Denki Seizo K K, Japan - a pioneer in power generators.

TDPS Generators and power plants are reputed for their impeccable performance and are approved by major consultants such as Tata Consulting Engineers, Fichtner, Holtec, Desein, M N Dastur, PDIL, Avant Garde, Mitcon, UDHE, DCPL and SPBPC.

TDPS is ISO 9001:2000 certified. TDPS generators are custom-designed for Steam Turbine, Diesel Engine and Hydro Turbine applications. TDPS power plants are with generators manufactured in-house and prime movers of Japanese origin (steam turbine from M/S.Shin Nippon Machinery, Diesel Engines from M/S.Daihatsu or M/S.Niigata, Japan).

TDPS is committed to providing customers with Products of high quality, Reliability, timely delivery, quick and efficient after-sales-service - all at a price level that maximizes value for investment. TDPS is headquartered in Bangalore with a branch office in Tokyo, Japan.

TDPS was established in 1999 as a Power Project Solution provider company (Power blocks) up to 40 MW - from Engineering to Commissioning. Toyo Denki, the parent company of TDPS, was established in 1918 and was one of the first domestic manufacturers of electrical equipments for railways in Japan. It subsequently diversified into other industrial fields, including power generation equipment. In 1982, Toyo Denki began to market large generating sets in India. In 1999, Toyo Denki partnered with TDPS in a move to increase their presence in India. TDPS was thus incorporated as a privately held company and commenced operations in 1999 with Head Quarters at Bangalore.

Turbine Class Alternators

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Detailed specifications of TDPS Alternators


 Toyo Deinki - AC Generators

Generators range from 1 MW to 40 MW.

Salient features :
  • Salient or cylindrical pole.
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation suitable for severe environment.
  • Rated Output (kVA): 1000 ~ 50000(4 pole rating)
  • Low voltage regulation - + /- 0.25%
  • Wide choice of Voltage – 415V / 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 / 13.8 kV.
  • Rated speed – 428 ~ 1800 rpm
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 ~ 60. Special frequencies on request.
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Bearing options – Ball / Roller / Sleeve
  • Air Cooled Generators with IP 21/ IP 22 / IP 23 Protection.
  • Totally Enclosed machines with IP54 Protection
  • Applicable Standards – IS, IEC, JEC.

Salient features of TDPS Generator :

TDPS’ manufacturing facility was built in 2001 and is equipped with the latest equipment and machinery. A strong team of around 200 staff comprising Engineers, Technicians & staff, supports it.

TDPS has established time-tested & proven manufacturing processes in place that require compliance with strict quality standards right from material selection to packing.

Design, Manufacturing & Testing of generators are carried out under the guidance and supervision of highly experienced Japanese specialists.

Ratings offered :

Rating Chart

Pole  4 6 8 10 12
Hz  50 50 50 50 50
1500 1000 750 600 500
TD 84 800-1,200 600-1,000 600-800 ----------- -----------
TD 100 1,250-2,500 1,100-2,000 850-1,500 750-1,200 -----------
TD 110 2,600-4,000 2,100-3,000 1,600-2,500 1,300-1,600 -----------
TD 125 4,100-6,000 3,100-5,000 2,600-4,000 1,700-2,800 1,200-2,000
TD 145 6,100-10,000 5,100-7,500 4,100-6,500 2,900-5,000 2,100-4,000
 TD 172 10,500-20,000 7,600-10,000 6,600-8,000 5,100-7,000 4,100-6,000
TD 210 20,250-35,000 10,200-18,000 8,100-15,000 7,100-12,000 6,100-1,000
 TC 100 1,250-2,500 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
TC 110 2,600-4,000 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
TC 125 4,100-6,000 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
TC 145 6,100-10,000 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
TC 172 10,500-20,000 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
TC 210 20,250-35,000 ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------

(Frame size and Ratings are indicative and may vary depending on application / site conditions.)

Stator :

Stators Frame is of steel plate construction & is designed to withstand vibrations and to ensure effective flow of cooling air.

Stator Core is made of low loss silicon steel sheets with ventilation ducts to enable cooling of core interior.

Stator coils are formed in diamond shape using insulated copper strips of Class F insulation. Formed coils are taped with required layers of resin poor tape & the outer layer covered with Sealant tape. Over hang portion is taped with Semi conducting tape. Individual coils are checked for Surge before insertion.
Stator coils are inserted into the slots of core & arrested with Wedges. Over hangs are secured with glass fiber cord to withstand short circuit forces.

The Stator is subjected to Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) & cured. Customized VPI process for large generators ensures better heat transfer capability.

Rotor :

Rotor Shaft is made of Forged Steel.

Core is built out of circular Stampings & is rigidly shrunk-fit on the Shaft.

Ventilation ducts are provided for adequate cooling of the Rotor coils.

Rotor is provided with Damper windings on the outer periphery of the core.

Field Winding is with polyamide insulated Copper Strips.

Formed coils are inserted in slots & rigidly arrested by high strength wedges. Winding overhangs are held firmly against centrifugal forces. Larger capacity rotors are held in the overhang by additional high strength stainless steel rings.

For high inertia requirements of diesel engine and high runaway speed conditions for water turbine generators salient pole designs are offered.

Rotor is dynamically balanced to ensure low levels of vibration.

Bearings :

Depending upon the application, output and speed, sleeve, roller or ball bearings are provided.

Exciter : Brushless exciter and rotating rectifier assembly, mounted on the shaft of the main Generator supplies the required excitation to the main generator.

PMG : Permanent magnet generator as pilot exciter is provided as an optional feature.

Excitation System : TDPS Generators are supplied with digital excitation systems. One Auto & one Manual mode is standard. Dual Auto mode (one as hot-standby) can be provided as optional feature. Analogue systems can also be provided on request.

Quality Control :

At TDPS, product quality begins from enquiry / quotation stage and extends through Design, Procurement, Manufacturing & final inspection / testing stages.

  • Utmost importance is given to understand the performance requirements, application and operating conditions before submitting offers.
  • Product design is checked, vetted & reviewed to ensure compliance with committed performance levels. Stringent quality standards are targeted and achieved by following a systematic Quality Plan for every Generator. The quality plan is detailed & exhaustive and ensures adequate checks at all critical stages right up to the dispatch of the product.

Generators are put through rigorous testing. The TDPS set up is ISO 9001:2000 certified. TDPS generators have been accredited by leading engineering consulting firms.

Testing Process :

All relevant tests, both routine and type, are run on the finished product to ensure performance as per IEC/IS specifications.

Routine tests include

  • Resistance measurement of all windings
  • Insulation resistance measurement before and after HV
  • High voltage test on all windings
  • Open circuit and short circuit characteristics
  • Phase sequence
  • Voltage balance
  • Vibration measurement
  • Shaft voltage
  • Over speed @ 120% rated speed
  • Functional check of AVR with Generator

Type tests include :

  • Open circuit heat Run
  • Short circuit heat run
  • Efficiency test by summation of losses method.
  • Momentary overload Test
  • Sudden short circuit test @ 30% rated voltage
  • Noise level test
  • Recording of no load wave form, harmonics and THF calculation
  • Determination of reactance values by sudden short circuit test
  • Vibration test
  • Rotor impedance
  • GD2 measurement

Accreditation and certifications :

TDPS manufacturing facility is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV.

TDPS Generators are approved by major engineering consultants like ;

  • PDIL
  • DCPL

Technical Specification for TDPS AC Generators

  • Standard Specifications

  • Rated Output(kVA) 1000 to 45000
  • Phase 3 ,Options of 4 Leads / 6 Leads
  • Rated Voltage ( V ) -415,3300,6600,1100 and 13800
  • Frequency (Hz) - 50,60
  • Voltage regulation +- 0.25%
  • Insulation Class F
  • Ambient Temperature 45 Deg C
  • Rated Speed(rpm) -428 rpm to 1500 rpm
  • Construction: Cylindrical
  • Bearing: Ball/Roller/Sleeve Type Double/Single
  • Lubrication: Grease Lubricated/Oil Lubricated
  • Open Type IP 21/22/23 for air cooled Generators
  • Totally enclosed inner cooling type with air to water cooler mounted on generator IC 8A 1 W 7(side and top mounted coolers)
  • For totally enclosed cooling type,inlet water of 32 Deg C is used
  • Applicable Standards IS, IEC, JEC

  • Stator

  • Stator Frame: Made of welded mild steel plate construction capable of withstanding the mechanical / electrical vibrations and ensuring effective flow of cooling air.

  • Stator Core: Stampings are of cylindical shape, made of good quality, low loss silicon steel sfeets with ventilation ducts placed of suitable lamination thickness to enable the cooling of interior core. Finished stamping stack is rigidly welded to stator frame.

  • Stator Winding: High Voltage coils are formed in a diamond shape using a rectangular copper strips, preinsulated with enamel and glass covering of Class F grade insulation.

  • The coils are inserted into the open slots in the stator core, which are then closed with non magnetic / magnetic wedges.

  • The end windings are secured, lashed and braced with glass fibre cord to with stand short circuit forces. The whole stator is Vaccum Pressure Impregnated(VPI). After the impregnation and curing process, the whole unit forms a rigidly supported fully consolidated, viod free winding, The varnish fills all the voids in the stator and results in better heat transfer from conductor to stator core.

  • Rotor

  • Shaft - Made of forged steel

  • Rotor Care - Made of thin steel sheets punched in circular shape with slots. The rotor core is rigidly fitted on the shaft.

  • Ducts are provided in the core for proper cooling of the rotor coils. Damper windings are provided on the outer periphery of the core.

  • Field Winding - Flat type copper wires are bent edge wise, formed and inserted in slots, rigidly fixed by wedges. Winding end parts are fixed by resi-glass binding enabling the construction to with stand the centrifugal force.

  • The wound rotor is dynamically balanced to ensure low vibration.
  • Bearing

  • Depending upon the application, out-put and speed, the Generators are supplied with roler,ball or sleeve bearings.

  • Antifriction - ball / roller type are provided for small capacity generators.

  • Larger capacity generators are fitted with sleeve bearings.

    Construction of sleeve bearings:
  • Two sleeve bearings with bracket type mounting.

  • Forced lubricating system provided as standard. Self-lubricating system is provided for low speed generators.

  • Sleeve bearing with white metal on cast steel base metal.

  • Automatic center adjusting type supports the outer periphery by spherical seat.

  • Bracket provides strength to support the weight of the rotor

  • Labryinth consrtuction prevents the leaking of lubricating oil to outer part.

  • Non-drive end bearing is insulated, to prevent shaft current.
  • Exciter and the rotating rectifier assembly

  • Brushless exciter and rotating rectifier assembly mounted on the same shaft of the main AC Generator supplies the required excitation to the main generator

  • PMG(Optional)

    Permanent magnet generator as Pilot exciter is provided as an optional feature for better:

  • Waveform since the automatic voltage regulator derives it's supply from PMG and is isolated from the AC Generator output terminal. The harmonic current from the load is prevented from passing to the AVR, thereby reducing the voltage distortion.

  • Positive voltage build-up, as residual is no longer required.

  • Ability to sustain short circuit current in the event faults.

  • Better motor starting capacity with lowered voltage dips.
  • Excition System

    All our generators comes with imported digital AVR's of BASLER & ABB make.

    AVR is machine mounted in case of smaller capacity generators and a seperate AVR cum Excitation panel is provided for generators for larger capacities.

    AVR cum Excitation Panel is dust-proof and vermin proteted. This panel is a free standing dust proof amd vermin protected. This Panel is a free standing, floor mounted cubicle, conforming to IP 42 construction consisting of the following main features:

  • Voltage Regulation<=0.25%

  • Voltage Variation +-10%

  • One Auto and one manual mode as standard(Dual Auto mode - one main and one hot standby, can be provided as optional feature)

  • Soft start voltage build up

  • Aux QDC for paralell operation.

  • Volts-per-Hertz limiter.

  • Automatic P.F Controller.

  • Field flashing for shunt excitation

  • Excitation field ammeter and voltmeter.

  • DFR Unit

  • PT fuse protection

  • Field over voltage protection.

  • Field over current protection.

  • Generator under voltage protection.

  • Over excitation / under excitation limiter.

  • List of Elite Customers Using TDPS Alternators
    Customer Rating(kW) QTY No Voltage Volts Speed(Rpm) Application Country of Supply
    Netaji Apparels 450 1 11000 750 Daihitsu Engine India
    Lower Menmutty a/c VA Tech 500 1 3300 500 VA Tech Hydro India
    Aganoor SHP a/c Boving Fouress 500 2 11000 750 BFL Hydro Turbine India
    Singareni Collererris a/c Powerica Ltd, Mumbai. 600 2 3300 1500 Cummins Engine India
    NHDC Bhopal a/c Powerica ltd., Mumbai 800 2 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    United Rice Mills 800 3 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    Toyota Techno Park 800 1 11000 750 Daihitsu Engine India
    Toyota Techno Park 800 1 425 750 Daihitsu Engine India
    Daman Machine 800 2 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    International Recreation Parks Ltd. 800 2 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    Kothari Sugars 800 1 6600 1500 Cummins Engine India
    KBL. 808 1 3300 1500 Cummins Engine India
    IIJIN Auto 808 1 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    KHI Japan. 1000 2 6600 1500 Gas Turbine Japan
    ISRO(International Space Research Organisation) Bangalore. 1000 1 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    Software Technology park, Cochin. 1000 2 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    Nova Iron 1000 1 11000 1500 Diesel Engine India
    Hind Lever Chemicals. 1000 3 11000 1500 Cummins Engine India
    Powerica Ltd, Mumbai 1000 1 3300 1500 Cummins Engine India
    * Latest Installations