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Deepankuram Synergies are Service Providers in Engineering segment.
We deal with Simpson Engines and Simpson Engine Spares. Simpson Engine models available are S324, S325, S433,SJ327,Sj436,TSJ436. We deal with spares for all models of Simpson. We do manufacturing of Marine Gensets with Simpson Engines till 30 KVA.

Deepankuram Synergies are specialised in supply and installation of DG sets. We have installed Synchronising Panels till 5 MW and Transformers 5 star rated for industries.

Frequency Convertors are manufactured as per customer specifications. Some supplied are conversions from 50 hz to 400 hz, 50 hz to 60 hz.DVDF are also manufactured as per Specifications.

Alternators are manufactured as per specifications and are tailor made to suit the requirements.

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